The American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry is working in collaboration with Yale School of Medicine to expand interprofessional training and education at the foundational level of learning about substance use disorders.

The primary purpose of Expansion of Interprofessional Healthcare Practitioner SUD Education grant is to increase access to and standardize foundational SUD education across entry-level interprofessional healthcare providers and to improve ability to certify and license practitioners in SUD treatement across healthcare disciplines.

The secondary purpose is to foster interprofessional, collaborative SUD education and to increase awareness of structural factors impacting SUD treatment access across entry-level interprofessional healthcare providers.

The curriculum is designed by an interprofessional team of addiction specialists from Yale School of Medicine, Nursing, and Public Health and covers the basics of addiction, including screening, prevention, diagnosis, initiation of treatments, the fundamentals of medication and psychosocial treatments, as well as structural determinants that influence the care we provide patients.

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