Objectives, Key Activities, Responsible Staff Yr1 Yr2
Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
G1. Increase the number of educators and students receiving high-quality SUD treatment education.
Obj. 1.1a. Launch course in clinical skills for SUD treatment. X
Obj 1.1d. Obtain educator and student feedback on course content and instructional design to modify and revise for Year 2. X X X
Obj. 1.1e. Year 2, increase the number of participating schools by a minimum of 10, reflecting interprofessional composition, with an increase in 300 additional students completing course. X X X X X
G1.2. Improve learner knowledge and confidence in the screening, assessment, and treatment of SUDs.
Obj. 1.2a. Evaluate learner knowledge and confidence in assessment, screening and treatment of SUDs. X X X X X X X
Obj. 1.2b Modify and revise curriculum for Year 2. X X X
G1.3. Improve ability of healthcare disciplines to certify and license practitioners in SUD treatment.
Obj. 1.3b. Develop and pilot exam questions needed for licensing and certification for each discipline. X X X X X X X
G2. Increase the number of healthcare students engaged in interprofessional learning.
Obj. 2b. Develop course lessons that illustrate evidence-based skill sets of various healthcare professionals. X
Obj. 2c. Assess change in interprofessional readiness among course completers. X X X X X X X
Obj. 2d. Assess utilization and usefulness of online discussion forums among interprofessional learners. X X X X X X X
Obj. 2e. Assess change in interprofessional training activity at each partnering institution. X X X X X X X X
G3: Improve practitioners’ knowledge and confidence in addressing structural barriers to successful SUD treatment outcomes.
Obj. 3c. Assess knowledge and confidence of structural barriers to SUD treatment using pre/post data. X X X X X X X X